Windsurfing Safety

Nova Scotia windsurfing has been - by and large - a pretty safe operation. The basic parameters are so well know and are subscribed to by virtually everyone;

  • Sail in onshore winds more-or-less
  • Never sail alone
  • Helmets are a good idea
  • Always sail within ones limits

There have been three calls to rescue services via 911;

  • One on Porter’s Lake, where an old geezer with a damaged knee was dragged ashore by two firemen in a tiny inflatable; no problem.
  • One event at the Range resulted from a breakdown; The lonely victim resolved the problem at about the time the rescue service arrived.
  • The third event occurred when one member of a group was missed at the Range late in the evening in an outgoing tide, side offshore wind. Again, the victim resolved the problem and got back to shore unseen; to the surprise of the rescue service personel. The black clad sailor lying on a small board was invisible to the search helicopter twenty feet above as he paddled back to the launch site.

A safety meeting was held soon after this last event and visibility was seen as the only issue that would have helped. Strobe lights are available with a dome lens. These are visible through a 180 degree hemisphere. Also special care must be exercised in the conditions described.

Additional Safety Information
Nova Scotia Windsurfing Association/SAR Meeting Minutes
Safe Boating Guide 2009

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