New NSWA Web Site

Welcome to the new Nova Scotia Windsurfing Association web site. We have built this new site to service our members and to bring the Windsurfing community together within Nova Scotia. The site features many benefits that will help to server this role.

In order to fully use the new site you'll have to update you membership dues here online (don't worry we can receive payment in person if desired). We have updated the membership process to make life easier for everyone. Our membership is now handled through PayPal as a subscription. This means no more trips out to Kannon Beach to pay you dues. Your membership will update automatically(unless you don't want it to) on the anniversary of when you first paid your dues here on the site.

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Membership Privileges

Joining the NWSA has many benefits. The biggest being all of the information on this web site.

Join today and gain full access to Upcoming Trip information, Current Wind, and all NS Sailing Locations.

Click here to join today.

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