Swap & Meet at Porters Lake

Hello Nova Scotia Windsurfers! In the spirit of gearing up for the season ahead the Nova Scotia Windsurfing Association is going to be holding a Swap and Meet at the launch site on Porters Lake on June 18th at 10am. Rain date June 19th same time.

Bring any old gear you'd like to sell, bring some cash for that new sail you've been looking for.

We're also going to have some lessons on the go for any keen beginners out there.

Membership is not mandatory, but our new treasurer Dick Vine will be there if you'd like to pay your dues for the year.

I've started a discussion here for any questions.

Racing Event

Dear Members,

We have had a contact from Sea-Rover Marine. The company has a Marina and major Yacht facility at Head of Jeddore.

They asked us about the possibility of a Regatta at their complex. During a visit it appeared that the location does not lend itself to our participation at their facility, however, It might be possible to have an event at Clam Harbour Provincial Park. We could then go to their excellent restaurant for supper.

Please let us know if this idea has any appeal for early August via the web site
(a discussion has been started on the topic here). Clam Harbour is good for winds South through West. Of course, the usual uncertainties exist as for any windsurfing event, as I explained to the people at Sea-Rover Marine.

The possibility of a long-board event occurred to me but they are so rare these days that I don’t think it would be possible to gather sufficient numbers for a regatta.

Yrs Dick V

Beginners & Ladies Days

Spring is upon us and we have had some interest in a Beginners Day and a Ladies Day. We are working on dates and will post more information here as details and dates are sorted out.

In the meantime if your interested, please let us know so we can get an idea of how many we will be accommodating.

Spring Gathering

Date: March 27th
Time: 8:30pm
Location: Jamieson's Irish House & Grill


So, Jamieson's is on Cole Harbour Road and Forest Hills Drive; opposite the Credit Union in the strip mall. Across the road from the large white religious institution. We are expected on the 27th of March at 8.30 or soon thereafter, till we are thrown out (not likely).

They will prepare a table for us, and they have a wide and varied menu, draft and other beer, and the usual offices. I may try to set up a picture display so dvds and tapes may be displayed. There will be no costs to the NSWA.

Hope to see everyone out!

Beginner Day

In discussion with the treasurer, it was decided to hold an upcoming Beginner Day. The actual date is still to be decided.

The event will be held at either the Lake or at the Range depending on conditions. A decision will be made when the relevant info is available.

Those with Go boards or similar and small(ish) sails are asked to make them available. The number required will be known as members and friends tell us who will attend.

Sean Townsend has said he will help as will I. Also, Devin offered. Others of varying levels will be welcome to come and help out. Those who teach are asked to emphasize SAFTEY aspects of what we do.

A discussion has been started on this topic. If you have any questions feel free to contact.

Please let us know if you plan to attend.

On Water Safety Demo

There will be an on-water safety demonstration as soon as the water is warm enough this spring.

There is a large inflatable rescue boat at the Porter’s Lake Fire Station. It would be highly suitable in an extreme weather rescue. In discussion with a senior officer, it appears the crew are unaware of the launching site conditions and the surrounding water depth at high and low tide at the range.

The association will be in touch this spring to meet with the crew and help with a re-evaluation of conditions. The end result will be the better use of this great resourse.

We'll keep all updated on the progression of this.

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