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Dear Members,

We have had a contact from Sea-Rover Marine. The company has a Marina and major Yacht facility at Head of Jeddore.

They asked us about the possibility of a Regatta at their complex. During a visit it appeared that the location does not lend itself to our participation at their facility, however, It might be possible to have an event at Clam Harbour Provincial Park. We could then go to their excellent restaurant for supper.

Please let us know if this idea has any appeal for early August via the web site
(a discussion has been started on the topic here). Clam Harbour is good for winds South through West. Of course, the usual uncertainties exist as for any windsurfing event, as I explained to the people at Sea-Rover Marine.

The possibility of a long-board event occurred to me but they are so rare these days that I don’t think it would be possible to gather sufficient numbers for a regatta.

Yrs Dick V

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