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The NSWA discussion board and all group activities have been moved to Facebook. You can visit our new Group here:


We're hoping that by moving our online activity to Facebook that we are able to help our group reach a larger audience. We are also hoping that this will make communication easier amongst group members.

All future discussions and member to member communication should be directed to the new Facebook Group.

2012 Fall Gathering

It's that time of the year again when most of us are rinsing our gear and thinking about putting it away for the winter.

Before we completely forget about the past season, a final gathering has been planned at Pilot's Pub for November 30th at 7pm. We have a private room booked that will fit 24 people.

Location: http://g.co/maps/py9ea
Date: November 30
Time: 7pm

We have a discussion started here for all comments and feedback:

Spring Swap at Porter's Lake

For many of us the 2012 windsurfing season has already begun and the rest of us should soon be ready to dust of the gear and hit the water.

We've decided to host another informal swap meet at the Porter's lake launch on May 26th. The swap will start around 1pm and weather permitting we may be blessed with a sea breeze. If rain is forecasted we may reschedule prior to the event. Watch the website for updates and remind your friends. Bring whatever you have to sell, trade, give away, or just show off. I would also encourage members to bring and offer up their beginner gear for loan in case we have some first timers stop in.

It will also be an excellent time to socialize with other members and share tips, tricks, and pointers with each other. We look forward to seeing many of you there and let's hope for a warm, windy, and fog free 2012 sailing season.

Stay tuned for more news!

Year End Gathering

The time has come for our annual gathering to celebrate this past season and to share enthusiasm for the upcoming season. I would like to invite all members for an evening of dinner and drinks at Jamieson's Pub in Cole Harbour on Saturday Nov 26 starting @ 6pm. To ensure adequate space is reserved please go to the discussion titled "Year End Gathering Signup" at http://nswindsurfing.com/node/900 and indicate your intention to attend via posting.

Please sign up by Nov 5 to ensure we can book well in advance with Jamieson's.

Significant others, friends, family, or other interested parties are always welcome to attend. I look forward to seeing you at this event and a hope that all can attend.

Taylor Ash - NSWA

Beginner Lessons & Gear

Hello NSWA Members. I hope you've all had time to find a little wind out there this summer.

We've had an increase in query's through this site for lessons. Dick, Taylor and myself have felt that it's time for the club to acquire some of our own learning gear and to put out a call for anyone interested in providing the odd beginner lesson.

What we're looking for gear-wise is a GO or Start board, a small 3-4m sail with an old mast and boom to fit. This beginner gear will be accessible to all NSWA members should they wish to introduce others to the sport themselves.

If anyone has a used board or gear that they'd like to sell or lend to the club let us know.
I've started a discussion on this topic here.

NSWA Swap & Sale Day

Starting a 10.00hrs tomorrow at Porter's Lake, South end at Lakeshore Drive.

If the numbers get too large, we will move to Stoney Beach so as to respect the interests of our landlord and neighbours.

There will be Beginner Instruction available. It will deal with Rigging , safety and onshore sail and board handling issues. Also, on the water if conditions are suitable. There is no rescue-boat so an onshore breeze is a must.

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